Hotel Development

Hotel Location Review

Selecting an appropriate development location is undoubtably the important decision that will be made when considering any hotel development project. Property location is always going to be the key starting point, however there are a myriad of other considerations to take into account. It’s important to factor all the variables in, so that an informed decision about the site selection can be made. Some of those other considerations are, development restrictions, the physical condition of the site, permits, area competitive supply & demand (including supply & demand sources), availability of local transport, surrounding facilities and infrastructure and the type of accommodation required to suit target market demand. Also, to be taken into consideration is the possibility of changes that may likely affect any of these considerations during the development process. This is an area of expertise for Sear Hospitality, and we are able to provide a detailed location Appraisal. This is an important ‘First Step’ and will alleviate the potential of issues arising after procurement of the site.

Hotel Market Research

Make no mistake, there are many considerations to take into account when conceptualising a new hotel development and every market is different. This is a very involved process and must be done taking into account the results of extensive market research.

When considering hotel design, some of the factors that must be taken into account are:

  • Location
  • Target Market
  • Competitor Influence
  • Hotel Rating
  • Services & Facilities offered
  • Operational Structure
  • Demand Trends
  • Development Scale
  • Resident/Guest Integration (in Mixed-Use Developments)
  • Future Operator Requirements/Brand Standards

With consideration given to the above (prior to the design phase), the product delivered should best suit the target market. Ensuring that the demands of the target market are made, will have an immediate and positive impact on the successful opening of your hotel development.

Hotel Project Concept & Design

Sear Hospitality will help you to deliver a development that showcases innovative architectural and interior design. Whether working with the developers chosen architectural firm or an Australian based, international firm recommended by Sear Hospitality, we will help you to achieve results best suited to your project and budget.


Sear Hospitality works with both Australian based international architectural firms and Australian owned and operated architectural companies. Working across all aspects of accommodation development, including mixed-use and the full spectrum of ‘lifestyle living’, we are able to assist in finding the best fit for your project.


We are experts in our field and focus our energy and enthusiasm on design excellence and innovation. Our recommendations take into account the type of product (hotel, serviced apartments), scale (number of rooms or units), standard (room size and grade), amenities and facilities such as food & beverage, conferencing and leisure facilities, and proposed services (full service/limited service).  We also provide recommendations for suitable brands and/or operators and throughout the project, provide guidance about their brand standards and expectations.


We pride ourselves on our past achievements, that showcase our focus on creating quality hotel design concepts, without compromise to commercial operating requirements.  

Hotel Property Feasibility

Sear Hospitality can assist with providing full Market Feasibility Studies, which would include hotel performance (in relation to the total market of the proposed location) and a selected competitor set. This process incorporates a review of the market, the proposed site location, design concept, the facility and provides recommendations.


Sear Hospitality has a reputation for the successful opening of hotel developments and turning poor performing properties into profitable properties.  Some of the services we can assist with are providing a ‘property forecast’ (based on proposed room numbers and average rates, that are achievable in the current market). We can also assist with recommendations for additional revenue stream, achievable from potential food & beverage/conference facilities and other income (mini bar, parking, facility services etc). We can provide detailed departmental costs and property overhead expenses, that would provide an achievable indication of potential property performance results. We are also able to provide a detailed five-to-ten-year property cash flow projection.

Hotel Project Delivery

Sear hospitality supports developers and owners to provide specialist hotel project delivery services.


Our role is to protect the owner’s interest at all times, throughout the delivery of a new hotel or mixed-use hospitality development.


Initially assisting with property site selection, hotel feasibilities, concept and design support, market review to support design concepts, operating structures through to delivery of a fully functional and well operated hotel development.

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